Welcome to the Obsidian Wolf MUSH Home Page


Welcome, one and all, to Obsidian Wolf MUSH. This text-based game takes place in the medieval time frame with a medium sized island being the central focus for RP. Being a text-based game, you decide your own very unique character and actions through RP, or Role-Playing. This means that every action your character takes is typed out by you. Other people around the world do the same thing in response to your 'pose' and it goes on and on, making each 'scene' unlike any other.

The world is filled with normal, every day commoners, living out their lives on an island that's looked over by a Wolf god. Although the islanders are plentiful, there are others in the game as well. Those that come from a land by boat. While most people are normal, there are a rare few that have been given gifts by their various gods. The islanders have humans who can take on a wolf-like visage. The visitors have people who can use elemental magicks. Both have shamans, an ancient type of people who can heal others.

Like real life, events will be happening within the game to move a narrative forward. In between these large events everyone is welcome to, and perhaps even expected to, Role-Play with others to further your own character's story and help others further theirs! We are all in this together to make the game fun and welcoming to everyone, and to help each other to have that fun and enjoyment.

For more information on the game, please feel free to peruse the website here. There is a lot of information and much of it will be covered here. There is also information in game, though it's usually just a briefer version of the website.

If this sounds like your kind of fun, or if you're just interested to check it out, point your favorite telnet client to:


If you're looking for a telnet client to use, I recommend Potato. Although it hasn't been updated in a while, it still works great. Alternatively, especially for Macs, you might want to try Mudlet.

I look forward to seeing you in game!