The Classes of Obsidian Wolf MUSH

Noble +1 weapon skill, +2 diplomacy
Guard +2 weapon skill, +1 horseback
Artisan +1 weapon skill, +2 crafting
Farmer +1 weapon skill, +2 farming
Bandit +1 weapon skill, +2 survival
Wolf Blessed Hunter +1 weapon skill, +1 tracking, silver plated weapon
Thief +1 weapon skill, +2 thieving
Civilian +3 skill points
Noble +1 weapon skill, +3 diplomacy
Soldier +2 weapon skill, +2 diplomacy

Vilkas Noble

Bonuses: +1 weapon skill, +2 diplomacy

These are the Noble's of Vilkas. Those who run the various territories on the small island for the King. There's only a handful of them, but they each have a lot of members of various ranking's. You could be a distant cousin or part of the main house it is. What you can't be is the leader of a Noble house or even a direct heir without approval from Staff first! But if that interests you then definitely reach out.

Vilkas Guard

Bonuses: +2 weapon skill, +1 horseback

The honorable Guard of Vilkas, the peacekeepers when it comes to bandits. Fortunately that tends to be the only thing the Guard ever has to deal with. The island is mostly peaceful, and there's no fighting amongst Nobles on the small island. Really they are more to keep the animals off the roads and the bandits at bay. Since the original Visitors over 200 years ago the Guard has kept up on creating weapons, but the average guard isn't very well trained in them.

Vilkas Artisan

Bonuses: +1 weapon skill, +2 crafting

The Artisans of Vilkas are the crafters of any kind of goods. Be it a tailor, alchemist, or blacksmith, these are the people who create goods that others use in their day to day lives. More often than not they also sell their own goods, either out of a shop or in the market place at a stall. Because of their occasional travels between locations, they also tend to study at least rudimentary combat.

Vilkas Farmer

Bonuses: +1 weapon skill, +2 farming

The real backbone of any nation, the farmers of Vilkas tend to the lands outside of the cities. They live, eat, and breathe growing crops or raising animals for the benefit of others, often either bringing in their goods to sell at market or striking a deal with individuals to supply them with what food may be nodded for Manor's or pubs. Life outside of the city can be dangerous, which is why they generally learn how to defend themselves and their lands and goods from bandits.

Vilkas Bandit

Bonuses: +1 weapon skill, +2 survival

The dishonorable Bandits of Vilkas, the malcontents of the island. They live by taking from others, either by harassing smaller villages, snatching crops from farms, or stealing from those who travel on the road with goods. The Guard is generally more than enough to deal with the bandits, who are even less trained in their weapons, but they are also more numerous. They tend to live in forests or caves in the central mountain area, only visiting the bigger cities to drink or plot.

Wolf Blessed Hunter

Bonuses: +1 weapon skill, +1 tracking, starts with a silver plated weapon

Once honored by the people of Vilkas, the Wolf Blessed hunters aren't as popular now as they used to be. Mostly because people are on the verge of forgetting the wolf blessed since none have been seen by a normal person in so long. But the hunters still catch them from time to time, using their knowledge to trap the Wolf Blessed and turn them over for a profit to the King, who still honors the old payment laws. Seen as more of a side-job now, most Hunters have other duties they do as well.

Vilkas Thief

Bonuses: +1 weapon skill, +2 survival

Unlike their bandit brethren, the thieves live in the city and prefer stealth as opposed to numbers. Thieves will often wander cities looking for targets, or sometimes simply beg. They generally live on the streets. It's not a glamorous life, but the best of the best do make enough off of other people to live comfortably. Of course, that also comes with the assumption that no one stabs you in the back.

Vilkas Civilian

Bonuses: +3 skill points

Civilians are the majority of the population on the Island. They make up everyone that isn't one of the other classes and can be anything. From performers, to merchants, to farmers, and anything/everything in between! They are what make up the cities, towns, and villages of the island, and are the most important aspect. Most aren't to keen on combat, though some learn the basics of a weapon just to survive. They'd rather live their lives as normal as could be.

Daviskas Noble

Bonuses: +1 weapon skill, +3 diplomacy

The Nobles of Daviskas, or the Visitors, are much more worldly than their secluded island dwelling counterparts. As such they are better at diplomacy than the others. Arriving on the boats with their counterparts the soldiers, the Nobles have come to try and have discussions with the King of Vilkas. They hope to earn a place in his court and, perhaps, eventually play a larger role in the islands politics.

Daviskas Soldier

Bonuses: +2 weapon skills, +2 diplomacy

Daviskas soldiers are well-trained with their weapons, and are a force to be reckoned with. Like the Daviskas Nobles, they have much more experience in dealing with the world and, in their case, combat from neighboring nations. The formation and ability of the average soldier is superior to that of the average island guard. Because of their trip to the island, only those with some modicrum of diplomacy have been allowed to accompany the Nobles.