Skills on Obsidian Wolf MUSH



The ability to use an axe beyond just chopping wood. Comes in the one and two bladed variety, light or heavy.


The ability to shoot a bow, either for combat or for hunting. Without the skill in the bow you can't do either.


The ability to use a crossbow, the bow's bastard brother. Takes longer to reload but is much easier to shoot.


The ability to use short blades in hand and thrown. Usually wielded by smaller and quicker combatants in lieu of heavier choices.


The oldest of skills, the ability to participate in hand-to-hand combat. Less effective against weapons than other options.
Half-shifted Wolf Blessed use this generally.


The ability to use a mace effectively. Distant brother to the axe, with enough weight and strength it can bash people to pieces.


Able to use a tall staff with any variety of pointy things at the end. Used mostly for fishing or people who like to keep their distance in combat.


Able to use a tall staff without pointy things at the end. Just as effective as any other weapon in the right hands.


Ability to use one of the most common tools. A blade with a hilt. The blade can be straight or curved in any variety of ways.

Please Note: A slightly curved blade is the most common in game. However, you aren't locked to that.


The ability to use whatever your mind can create (within reason/reality). Requires staff approval.

Weapon Skill Levels

  • 0. You've never used that weapon and have no idea how to use it.
  • 2. You are still a beginner with that weapon.
  • 4. You are moderately skilled with that weapon.
  • 6. You are well above the average soldier with that weapon.
  • 8. You have begun to master that weapon.
  • 9. You are a master of that weapon.
  • 10. Some people know your name and know to fear you. Your skill with that weapon is unparalleled.


Skills require you playing your character as a character, not as your obviously smart self. Treat things fairly. If you have 0 deception, you can't decieve people who might have a higher level. Etc, etc, etc.

Note: While the descriptions below skip numbers, every level does make your character better. The below is just for a general idea and is not concrete.


Academics is your character's knowledge of things they'd get from school. Advanced maths, sciences, and similar things. Good for scholarly types.

  • 0. You know basic subtraction and addition.
  • 2. You know more advanced maths and the beginnings of sciences.
  • 4. You are knowledgeable in advanced maths and intermediate sciences.
  • 6. You could teach a class on math and sciences.
  • 8. You've mastered a field of Academics.
  • 9. You've written papers and books that are well respected.
  • 10. You are a genius who knows almost everything about math and sciences. Extremely well respected in the field.


Artistry is your characters ability as an artist of any kind. It could be a painter, it could be a clothing designer. Anything that takes an artful mind fits here.

  • 0. You know what art is but that's it.
  • 2. You appreciate good art and are a beginning artist yourself.
  • 4. You can plan and work on more advanced pieces of art.
  • 6. You are an amazing artist and locals know you for your work.
  • 8. Your artistry is highly sought after Nation wide it is so good.
  • 9. You have mastered two forms of artistry.
  • 10. You always have commissions available for you, and your work goes for high prices. Others come to you as the best of them all.


Athletics is your characters ability to do things that are physically intensive for periods of time. Running, fighting, parkour.

  • 0. You can walk places fine but get winded if you do a light jog for long.
  • 2. You can jog for a distance without getting too out of breath. You can swing a weapon for a short time.
  • 4. Running a half marathon isn't an issue for you. You can go into battles knowing that short breaks between swings will be enough.
  • 6. You can run even further, and faster. General training no longer wears you out.
  • 8. You can run that full marathon. You can run the youngsters around the training yard.
  • 9. You can run about anyone else into the ground. You can beat on trainees all day and not get tired.
  • 10. You're Forrest Gump.


Crafting is your character's ability to create items. Tailors, blacksmiths, potters, kink enthusiasts.

  • 0. You accidentally poke yourself with sewing needles.
  • 2. You are a journeyman in your craft.
  • 4. You are an advanced journeyman and begin making items of quality.
  • 6. You can make above average quality items.
  • 8. Your goods are of exceptional quality.
  • 9. You are sought out for the quality of your goods.
  • 10. You can charge whatever you want because the quality is exquisite.


Diplomacy is your character's ability to act in a diplomatic way. This could be in talking with family, friends, or even Lords or the King. Most heavily used in the King's Court.

  • 0. You know what the word diplomacy means.
  • 2. You have general diplomatic knowledge when it comes to family or Court.
  • 4. You have a good grasp on diplomacy and rarely make significant mistakes.
  • 6. You are an expert diplomat.
  • 8. You are a master diplomat. You really don't make mistakes and can talk others into submission with skillful words.
  • 9. Your King looks to you for guidance.
  • 10. You could be King, if you really wanted.


Espionage is your character's ability to plan and implement disruptive behavior. Bombing supply lines, having bandits steal or burn an important food bank.

  • 0. You know what the word espionage means...kinda
  • 2. You are familiar with identifying espionage tactics and can plan basic attacks.
  • 4. You are able to plan and begin implementation of espionage tactics.
  • 6. You are able to plan large espionage events.
  • 8. You are a master of espionage. People don't usually know what hit them or why.
  • 9. You make espionage look like child's play.
  • 10. All your espionage plans make it look like an accident.


Etiquette is how to act properly in formal situations. A formal family dinner, wedding, or the King's Court.

  • 0. You know how a spoon works.
  • 2. You can identify and use most silverware at the table.
  • 4. You know enough not to make any major faux pas.
  • 6. You are well versed in proper etiquette.
  • 8. You can teach others on the fly proper etiquette.
  • 9. Mistake? Never.
  • 10. The King would hire you to teach their children proper etiquette.


Farming is the ability to plant and maintain crops, or to raise and slaughter animals.

  • 0. Yep, that's dirt.
  • 2. You know basic farming tools.
  • 4. You can plant crops and tend to animals on your own
  • 6. Your yield is higher than your neighbors due to your skill.
  • 8. Your yield is higher and far better than your neighbors.
  • 9. You know all the advanced farming techniques and work smarter, nor harder.
  • 10. You could provide the crops and livestock for the King himself.


Horseback is the ability to ride and train a horse or other specific animal. You can also tell what's better stock, and what should be used for glue.

  • 0. See that there, that's a horse.
  • 2. You can ride more docile animals.
  • 4. You can ride more stubborn animals and can start to train them.
  • 6. You are an excellent rider and decent trainer.
  • 8. You are locally reknowned for your ability to ride and train.
  • 9. No lame horse will ever make it past your expert gaze.
  • 10. Very few will ever match your ability to ride and train.


Investigation is the ability to gather and follow clues into various things. Investigating theft, murder, who ate the last piece of pie.

  • 0. You can see what's right in front of you.
  • 2. You can begin to gather basic clues.
  • 4. You are more adept at figuring out what happened in certain circumstances.
  • 6. You are well above average in finding clues and putting them together.
  • 8. You can find clues that are more difficult to see.
  • 9. You are a well known detective.
  • 10. You are Sherlock Holmes.


Leadership is the ability to lead others. Whether it's in a kitchen, on the battlefield, or the entire nation.

  • 0. You can lead that food to your mouth.
  • 2. You'd be a good head of a kitchen.
  • 4. You can decently lead in most situations.
  • 6. You are a better leader than most.
  • 8. You are a nationally reknowned leader.
  • 9. People would follow you to hell and stay if you ordered it.
  • 10. Very few match your leadership ability.


Medicine includes the knowledge of medicine itself, and practices such as treating illness or even surgery.

  • 0. You know what a doctor's sign looks like.
  • 2. You can apply basic bandages and are beginning to learn about the body.
  • 4. You have more advanced knowledge and can apply sutures and similar level knowledge.
  • 6. You can do very basic, simple surgery, but it might not be the cleanest.
  • 8. You can easily diagnose illnesses and treat them properly.
  • 9. Your surgery skills are efficient and well known.
  • 10. The King's own surgeon would be ashamed by your skill.


Perception is your character's ability to notice things that would otherwise go unnoticed. A thief picking a pocket, a spy sneaking through the shadows, someone picking their nose.

  • 0. You see what you're meant to.
  • 2. You notice things that others wouldn't. Someone covering up when they almost trip, or a key in a visible location.
  • 4. You are observant. You'd notice less skilled pickpockets.
  • 6. You are very observant. You'll notice most people creeping in shadows or picking pockets.
  • 8. You win at escape rooms that require you to find things.
  • 9. People ask you to look for things when they lose them and you usually find them.
  • 10. Almost nothing escapes your attention.


Performance is your character's ability to entertain. Music, theatre, jester, stand-up comic.

  • 0. You can barely keep a baby entertained.
  • 2. You would be good as a tree in the school play.
  • 4. You have moved on to being the lead in the school play.
  • 6. You are good enough to play local venues and gather a decent crowd.
  • 8. You are known regionally and gather large crowds with ease.
  • 9. You could be a lead on Broadway!
  • 10. You are a certified Star!


Stealth is your character's ability to remain unseen as they move through places.

  • 0. You always make noise when you try and sneak.
  • 2. You are able to stay hidden in really dark shadows.
  • 4. You are able to sneak by people when they aren't looking.
  • 6. You can sneak into locations proficiently.
  • 8. Your footsteps haven't been heard in any manor you don't want to know you are there.
  • 9. You can hide in less likely shadows.
  • 10. You're nearly impossible to find when you want to hide.


Streetwise is your character's knowledge of the streets and ability to survive in rougher parts of town. Useful for street folk, slums folk, and thieves.

  • 0. Best to stick to the nice parts of town.
  • 2. You are beginning to understand how street life works. You're less likely to get shanked by wandering into the wrong area.
  • 4. You are familiar with the local street life and maybe even have a few contacts.
  • 6. You've lived or learned enough about the streets to pass for a street folk even if you aren't.
  • 8. You have contacts in the streets that will help you in trouble or give you information for a price.
  • 9. You could lead up a guild on street living.
  • 10. You are a King of the streets. People from there respect and fear you.


Survival is your character's knowledge and ability to survive outside the city limits or comforts of home. Hunters, bandits, maybe even some new farmers.

  • 0. You hope someone else can light a fire.
  • 2. You are the one that can light the fire.
  • 4. Trapping wild game isn't a big deal for you.
  • 6. You can survive outdoors for a length of time.
  • 8. Hunting and trapping is easy, once you've found the creature.
  • 9. You're at home in the outdoors.
  • 10. Walking from city to beyond the city doesn't make a difference. It's all the same for you.


Thieving is your character's ability to steal, either directly from a person or from a location. Pickpockets, house/manor thieves.

  • 0. You can't steal candy from a baby.
  • 2. You can steal something left alone for a few moments.
  • 4. You can pick some pockets without being caught.
  • 6. A distracted vendor doesn't ever notice what you take.
  • 8. The underbelly of the city knows you can acquire things from people or places.
  • 9. You really can't be caught as long as you try.
  • 10. You could easily run a successful thieving school/ring.


Tracking is your character's ability to track animals or people, whether it's in the forest or the city. Hunters, guards, and investigators may find this useful.

  • 0. You can track that fly as it...where'd it go?
  • 2. You can follow very obvious footprints in mud.
  • 4. You can follow a particular set of footprints in the forest dirt.
  • 6. You can track a thief through a mostly empty street.
  • 8. Your forest and city tracking is surprisingly keen and you can pick out tracks in a small grouping.
  • 9. You can find almost anything you look for.
  • 10. Nothing can hide from you. Almost.