Obsidian MUSH Rules

The following rules must be heeded and agreed to in game in order to play.
Anyone caught breaking the rules may be banned.

Treat eachother (and staff) with respect.
Treat eachother kindly OOCly. If there are issues with a certain player causing trouble, they may be banned.
Staff decision in any grievance is final.
If any grievance arises, whether In Character or Out Of Character, and staff is requested to check on it, their decision shall be final. No arguing, no trying to talk to another staff member. Just accept it and move on. Which may be why this next rule is so important.
In Character Action = In Character Consequences.
What your character does affects what may happen to them. This is how Roleplaying Games work. And while player death is not high on my list of things to have happen, if your character goes charging into a situation that they'd most likely die I will not stop whoever is running the scene from asking about and possibly enforcing your characters death. The same goes for a situation where you may be captured when you don't want to be. The actions of your characters has an impact, and if they do something stupid then they may have to suffer the consequences.
Out Of Character knowledge does not transfer to In Character Knowledge.
This website and the in-game files will have a lot of information about various sides of what is happening during plots. Remember that even though you, the player, may know things, your character may not. In the event that it's not related to them, they probably would not know it at all. Remember, you are playing your character, not yourself.
Play to your character's skills, not your own.
This is a big one for the reality of the game to persist. If your character has no discernable deceptive skills, for instance, something that may be obvious deception to you would not be to your character. Again, like the rule above, play your character, not yourself. If you need clarification on either of these two rules please contact Alpha.
Don't do anything illegal to the game or with the game. Follow your local real life laws.
Again, don't do sexual things if you're underage. Don't try and hack the game or someone else's character. Don't try and hack the server. Just...please. Not only will you disrupt the game and other's enjoyment, but if I can find your IP in the logs I'll report it, and if you're not in my state it becomes Federal so...just don't.

Those are the main rules. They may change over time as well. If you have questions contact Alpha/any staff/email Alpha below.